Clear Signal issues

Does anyone else have issues with Clearsignal? My notifications stopped working a while back. All notification settings are on and support has now spent a few hours trying to resolve with no luck. I cannot send group texts to people who are not on signal either which is a problem too. Clear gm and clear life was disabled a while back as well as they have had issues with it and when they were enabled, I couldn’t send and receive mms files (photos).

Yes, my son in law works for Dell and he helped me. It’s being blocked. I was ready to take a hammer to this phone.

We had to go to my old Apple phone and make sure it was not on for cellular service. There are issues with texting people with Apple phones versus android phones.

I downloaded a different messaging app, and that has worked for me.

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So what did he do to fix? I sold my iphone so that doesn’t clash…