T-Mobile Service Disruption

I am wondering about peoples experiences with T-Mobile cancelling ClearPHONE users

Every time , I make a call, someone from T-Mobile answers & say to call ClearCARE. One person said that I am not authorized to use my phone because it is a business phone. My texts have not been delivered and a notice says “text blocking is active”.

That’s funny​:point_up::point_up::point_up:
When I when to activate my phone at T-Mobile, they’ve never heard of ClearPHONE’s
And when I tried to troubleshoot with them on call, they said same thing.

It has been a most unusual experience. You realize a power struggle is going on. They are trying to squeeze out Clear anything. We had same issue with showing us as a business line. Service dropped for non-payment, but not our payment. Sadly, we are moving to Verizon, like the devil. We bought iPhones again, too. Email clear support daily and they will help you eventually. It’s not the employees’ fault.

Ha! What fun!! I dial a number. It says routing to T-Mobile. Then it says, "We cannot complete your call until your outstanding balance is paid!! Clear - did you not pay the bill? Is that what this is truly all about!!

Even funnier is when now being without any service for almost a whole month, ClearUnited charges me as though I’ve had service! Ha again!! Yea, I sent this one to customer service.

Which leads me to the whole wonderful customer support team. They certainly can’t tell you anything. Which makes absolutely NO sense to me. We’re the ones that suddenly cannot make calls. Why is it that the only detailed answer comes from a 2 hour long live video where I can’t even ask questions?
Clear has done really great in my one year experience with them of giving the perception of having a great customer support when they don’t. It is understandable that in a situation like this, there may be some delay in getting the answers. But at least give us the real answer. And as it is now, I still don’t really know why I don’t have service. I mean the real root cause why. I’m in the process of switching but what I want to switch to requires me to do many technical things which I don’t have time to do right now.

Thanks ClearUnited!!! For an absolute hoot of an experience. Ya’ll had an opportunity to shine but all I see is darkness.

Hi Nelda, that’s disappointing to hear! I myself have had the ClearPHONE 420 for about 16 months now and have experienced a few hiccups also, due largely to my lack of tech skills. I contacted support several times and eventually had 3 separate “Clear Care Tech Support sessions” for 1 hour each. I’m very happy with the support/help I got as I now no longer have any issues.

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You apparently are not one of the customers in the tmobile area who have had service with ClearUnited disrupted now for about 1 month. This issue with dropped service lines has effected about 10% of Clear customers. So a Clear Care tech support session will not correct my issue. It is not a setup issue, it is a contract issue with ClearUnited and the other major carriers.

And if ClearCare really wanted and thought they could solve any of the many other issues I’ve had, why pray tell didn’t THEY recommend the support session? It is because the issues I bring to their attention are NOT setup issues but are instead programming errors which support cannot fix. I’ve been on the lengthy calls trying to get the issues addressed and don’t get any satisfaction. I’ve asked for a bug/issue reporting system that would allow us to see if an issue is a bug and the status of working on that bug, etc. They don’t want to do that. So no, this isn’t about basic setup. It is about buggy software that Clear doesn’t want to fix and doesn’t want other customers to know about. It’s just poor customer service.

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Was this after you got your new sim card from Clear?

Here it is, 6 months later, and the exact same thing is happening to me! I can’t get a decent answer from Clear “care”. They said they would “escalate” my message to billing, which typically answers within 24 hours. I spent 5 hours last night on a chat with T-Mobile customer service, who tried valiantly to restore my service, but to no avail. I’m still unable to call or text. This is ridiculous!